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Meeting 03.07.17

UCF Games Research Group

March 7, 2017: 11:00 – 12:00

Attending: Anastasia, Mel, Anne, Sara, Amanda, Eric, Patty, Natalie, Joey, Mark, Emily, Amy, Kevin


  • FDG Deadline extended to March 13th! Doctoral Consortium March 27th!
  • Don’t forget – HASTAC by April 7th, including games showcase!
  • March 20th Eric Champion talk
  • Log your writing on the FunLog!  Report bugs & make requests for FunLog to Amy here!
  • Next meeting Wednesday, March 29 at 10:30.

Demo: Anne  — Badge-making on the Embroidery Machine:

  • Threading, one color at a time, auto-cuts
  • Can bring patterns on a USB drive
  • PES format for patterns to use in the machine
Anne's demo of the sewing machine
Nothing draws a crowd like a sewing machine demo. Maybe brownies.

Check-ins and Goal Setting:

  • Natalie: working on the game she’s presenting with Peter in a week — board game prototype for archaeology conference based on Peruvian folk art. Reminder: March 20th Eric Champion is coming to UCF and will talk games and other cool stuff! 10 – 11:30am
  • Joey: working on article for Computers in Education — previous attempts unsuccessful, but pulling from dissertation experiment education game and study. Goal is everything but the intro by the next meeting
  • Mel: completed book manuscript this weekend!!!! Now need to make it shorter and do all the things to turn it in. Conference on Race and Intellectual Property coming up in April, long paper needs writing. Went to CSCW ACM workshops w/ project Pam – Emily – Anastasia – collaborators on for participatory game design. Potential for participatory research with high schoolers, but going to start with teenage college students.
  • Anne: apparently writing an FDG paper, has to be done by Monday. Trying to finish up game for ELO, working with Joey on badge project and working with Peter Telep on gamification things.
  • Mark: sick and sparing us the plague by attending virtually. Friday: working bibliography and timetable for completion of the dissertation ready to go. Went to PCA SW, presented on Walking Dead. Going to be published in Florida studies (news spoiled last meeting 🙂 and working on dissertation, refocusing on narrative mods.
  • Eric: submitted draft of prospectus and got feedback, working on a new draft by the 20th. Doing an FDG paper. Gave a guest lecture in Nick’s Digital Rhetoric class on using rhetoric in a way into game studies, moving past narratology – ludology.
  • Sara: Finished writing methodology and chose a game based on CIA mind control experiments, adding context for that to bibliography, full prospectus drafts by the time we meet next time as well as a version for doctoral consortium.
  • Amanda: In exams, still vertical for the most part. Found first videogame ever been interested in playing: Never Alone.
  • Emily: got article in on Judaic Studies with Amy, went to half of THATCamp. IRB internal audit went well (they are collecting data for accreditation next year). Goals: doing something for HASTAC or FDG maybe, unless the deadline passes, working on another grant and conference paper and trying to publish something about dissertation.
  • Amy: game got chosen for capstone class from Mike’s team, going to do more of it than expected and have prototype for DH 2017. Submitted for I/ITSEC with Emily, got accept to Agricultural History conference in June. Got an article accepted to Florida Studies from dissertation. Taking over the Fun Log (yay!) so send badges / ideas / etc. Bringing pics from cruise and doing nothing next week!
  • Peter: discovered Snapchat. (Note: a recent article says old people use Snapchat more than young people now, which may or may not be relevant to this.) Went to GDC last week and wrote a paper for another conference while at GDC and worked on game with Natalie.
  • Kevin: Got accepted to grad school at UCF (yay!) getting a digital media MA and looking for scholarships and support. Goals: $ or fellowships or anything with a “ship” at the end.


The expert at work.
The expert at work.

Meeting 02.22.17

Games Research Group Minutes

February 22nd: 10:30 – 11:30 AM

  • Presenting: Eric Murnane
  • Provider of Snacks: Mel Stanfill


Eric presented his work on Starcraft II and conscientious play. He’ll be presenting the paper at PCA, and has received an award for best graduate student paper that comes complete with publication in the Journal of Popular Culture!

Reports of Goals and Progress

  • Eric – Prepared his presentation, now focusing on his FDG and doctoral consortium papers
  • Peter – Several conference papers in progress, deadline extended, maybe writing something for FDG as well
  • David – candidacy exam part one complete, focused on prep for second exam, group encouraged him to consider the doctoral consortium application for FDG
  • Sara – presented, had a paper accepted with (other) David, working on methodology for prospectus and draft in by Friday
  • Emily – submitted NIH grant with Peter and others, won internal submission, working on a new one, submitted paper on language learning game, might take demo to FDG, working on IRB stuff with Mel and Pam and Anastasia, article on Judaic studies, THATCamp is Saturday and she agreed to go
  • Mel – going to CSCW on Friday for workshops, submitting internal grant today for web design curriculum
  • Anastasia – workshop at Sunshine State went well, now focusing on finishing up litgames chapter / FDG presentation / Twine game


  • THATCamp this weekend!
  • HASTAC CFP is open through April 7!
  • FDG deadline is coming up fast on March 6th!

Games Research Group Spring Challenge begins March 1st!

Log 30 minutes per day of writing here: 

Meeting 02.07.17

Games Research Group Minutes

February 7th: 11:00 – 12:00

Attending: Anastasia, Mel, Anne, Sara, Amanda, Eric, Mike, Joey, Mark, Donnie, Emily, Amy

Note: Joey is attempting to Skype in from his office rather than walking fifty-seven feet. We are judging him.

Anne arrived with brownies, thus enabling us to have a quorum.

Anastasia suggested revitalizing the Summer Writing Challenge in the service of goal setting and forward momentum. Brief reports of what has happened since last meeting and 2 goals for what you will do before next meeting.

Reports and Goals

  • Mark: Sent first draft of lit review and working on research design, goal of chapter structure, looking at agency and choice, different groups play different mods to see about which has effects.
  • Emily: made brownies, wants to accomplish some Limbitless things and health game
  • Amy: PLANT grant for RICHES and VA history project
  • Donnie: was elected to be treasurer of Consortium of College Multimedia Organizations, advising Mark to consult him about mods because that was his research
  • Peter: focused on CPE binder, writing conference paper
  • Mike(?): senior design group for healthcare chat bot
  • Eric: actually registered for dissertation hours, got onto editorial board for a journal, for next time will have methods figured out and be well on the way to a draft of prospectus
  • Amanda: first exam this week, will miss next meeting because will be at SWPCA, and American Camp Association (not like Sontag)
  • Sara: first draft of prospectus, looking for games on Vive, working on SWPCA paper
  • Anne: New project with Joey looking at badges and achievements and physical artifacts from gameplay, combining the 2, is it more motivating with a physical badge than digital, can also make them personalized, has gotten an embroidery machine, available to anyone who wants to use it in Games Lab, will do a workshop, will miss next session for QuiltCon in Savannah, accepted at ELO (not the band) panel and loom game, goals: will be presenting/workshop at QuiltCon, learning embroidery machine, and working for embroidery game Heirloom social narrative experience
  • Mel: will go to PSU York, will go to CSCW
  • Anastasia: got talked into a workshop and then Keri bailed (boo), invited to Rollins to speak for history honors society, will talk about understanding American history through transmedia Batman, THATcamp coming up and an informal organizer, would want to have games people involved, can still propose things, book chapter on Lit Games anthology, binders that shall not be named due tomorrow (Anne points out brownies are good defense against dementors), FDG paper deadline is coming up

Notes and Planning

  • Something we had talked about was formally presenting but no one volunteered–need someone for 22nd, Eric volunteered to test out PCA presentation. Anne will present at the next presentation meeting (which will be the third meeting because we alternate).
  • Writing log: Mike has improved it, we’re waiting for authorization to move it to GRG website, there will be a login, and Anne and Joey will make badges, we need a redesign of the GRG logo to be more embroidery friendly (Anne volunteered and formed a committee with Emily).
  • Emily needs an updated profile for us for the GRG website in 250 words. Otherwise Joey will be a PhD student 5eva. Also send her blog posts or game reviews or whatever.
  • Summer camp–maybe meeting in March
  • HASTAC will be here in November . Due April 7, people should submit.
  • Amy is working on augmented reality project for VA, Anastasia will put feelers out to colleagues who might have software solutions

Meeting 01.25.17

Meeting Notes – January 25, 2017

Quick Reports

  • Rudy – left super early as usual, but has a good lead for Sara in regards to her dissertation idea – Sara should pester Rudy about this.  Has to do with downtown, VR, Wellsbuilt hotel, Paul Lartonoix and could be a good opportunity.
  • Anne – Loominary (game with a loom – electronics now working! Starting the game) conferences coming up: on the computational side, artificial intelligence for interactive digital entertainment. Anne is on the program committee so will get you in. Interactive entertainment / art show new this year. Creativity and Cognition art show call out
  • Mel – has become a games researcher! (resistance is futile) working with Emily and Anastasia on a technologically mediated sexuality game for teens. Going to Computer Supported Coop Work for two workshops with position papers on initial  concept for participatory design
  • Peter – working on several grant applications, continuing collaboration with Limitless, won award (yay!) for most innovative game. Now working with new custom controller. Wrote a paper on knock-off Russian Game & Watch games, might go to Replaying Japan or games history conference
  • Mike – Looking for group projects for computer science students: need proposals by Monday, 8 months team of 2-4 students — long term project. Just got IRB approval on another project. Working with Amazon on chatbots / webbots and interactions regarding financial hardships (based on Alexa)
  • Emily – three plant grants, waiting to hear (Rudy says sooon): working on limitless stuff and a game jam for alternatively controlled games, hoping for funding from Christopher Reeve foundation, calling it “Super Jam.” Working with elementary schools on NIH grant to promote exercise / nutrition through tracking / gamification. Starting to work on publishing w/ Mel’s “make sure you write” group on Fridays 1-3, wrote chapter on Remission game with Rudy, waiting for response on article on rethinking STEM and incorporating humanities into the discussion. Emily needs grant co-writers: email her and she will *help* write the grant.
  • Eric – lots of articles out: agency in Shadow of Mordor, Journal of Popular Culture submission on conscientious play. Finally a PhD candidate (yay!) and working on prospectus, learning about fan studies and planning to complete prospectus this semester. FDG 2017 doctoral consortium: deadline in March.
  • Natalie – giving paper at Computer Applications in Archaeology conference on mashups and mods for digital heritage, reciprocity and world view. Eric Champion March 20th 10-1130 talk games in relationship to history / heritage, please share with students / friends. Mel giving a talk on participatory game design April 14 11-12. Also join the participatory design research group!
  • Mark – PhD candidate! (passed comps and going to Wrestlemania, may or may not be related.) Proposed draft of the lit review this week, looking at choices in video games may focus on narrative / aesthetics / gameplay and formulating an experiment to measure player choices. How can you measure intrinsic motivation / user experience?
  • Sara- Working on prospectus: play study of virtual reality, based on narrative transportation, previously applied to written narratives but translating to virtual reality — concerned about making the game portion. Looking at virtual reality narratives creating empathy and identification with characters compared to written: needs a game to test. Peter suggested going with something VR / not VR
  • Anastasia: Everyone should submit to FDG 2017: and apply for Strong Research Fellowships:
  • David: Just read Ian Bogost’s Play Everything, thinking about relationships and whether it is Flanagan redux, recommends it. Friends have started nonprofit called Drew Project, working to develop resources on LGBTQ+ curriculum, thinking of an arcade of games, might be interesting to collaborate / organize a game jam. Peter recommends against 48 hour jam, more like month-long project


Goals for this Semester

  • Potential time for writing group, particularly for dissertation students
  • Update meetings versus presentation meetings
  • Presentation meetings
  • Goal setting at update meetings
  • Google doc with proposed meeting times and openings for presentations and snacks
  • Google hangout 
  • Rotate between two different times
  • One meeting: Wednesday 10-11 and doodle poll to find another time
  • Blog posts for GRG blog: send to Emily
  • Workshops here to encourage student / creative exploration and critical consciousness of identity


Her Story, the Involuntary Performative, and You

Author: Sara Raffel


Her Story is an undeniably unique narrative—that’s why it’s won so many awards since its release in June 2015—but what gives it its immersive draw? Short answer: it successfully uses the involuntary performative to position the player as interior to the narrative and discourse of the game. In this post, I’m going to first define the involuntary performative in terms of narratology, and secondly unravel some of the ways Her Story uses it.

I was first introduced to the idea of the involuntary performative by media scholar Jill Walker’s dissertation. [Note: She now publishes as Jill Walker Rettberg.] Whenever a narrative uses the second person, “you,” to address the reader, it’s employing the involuntary performative. The reader is implicated in the story by the act of reading the words—an act they can’t undo. In traditional, linear literature, Walker argues, the phenomenon is rare, with reflexive statements about the reading itself being the most common (93). For example, if I was to use the involuntary performative as part of this post, I might say something like, “Are you still reading? Great.” You must still be reading to read the question, so you can only answer in the affirmative. Narrative scholar Irene Kacandes confirms, “one can’t help doing what one is told, as long as one keeps reading . . . [A]ffirmative ‘answers’ are generated . . . as soon as the questions are read by someone–by anyone” (142)!

Interactive literature—or games—complicate how authors can use the involuntary performative. Not only can they draw the reader or player into the narrative, they can create a complicated relationship between the player and the narrative, in which the player might make decisions that impact other aspects of the story. In this situation, the player becomes internal to the story, but may not feel immersed if the “you” addressed by the narrative doesn’t align with their self-perception. Though I’ve addressed you, gentle reader, in this post, you’re external to this text. Despite being a digital piece, this post is linear and static, not terribly different in form and function from a printed page. However, in my act of writing and your act of reading on the internet, we are both internal to the larger discourse of this network. Cue Inception music.

To summarize up to this point: use of “you” to address the reader/player invokes the involuntary performative, but for the reader/player to become internal to the discourse, they need to have meaningful interaction with the story.

Warning: This discussion contains spoilers from here on out. Do not read further if you want to experience the narrative spontaneously.

How does Her Story use the involuntary performative to bring the player into the discourse? In case you haven’t read about or played the game, here’s a synopsis:

The player is doing research on a murder that occurred in 1994. To conduct this research, they have access to an old database of video interviews. The desktop looks like it’s from the 90s, with clunky icons and a lurid teal background. When the player first enters the game, they see a database window with “MURDER” typed in the search bar and a row of video thumbnails displayed. Via a “README” file on the desktop, the player learns they can use the search bar to find words in the video transcripts. The game is played simply by searching for terms that uncover new videos and advance the murder mystery. Each video is shot from the point of view of the interviewer, and they range from only a few seconds to a few minutes in length. The interviewee, a woman played by actress Viva Seifert, sits across the table and answers questions unheard by the camera, so hers is the only voice in the game. In the story, her name is Hannah, and she’s the victim’s wife, and is also a prime suspect in his murder.


Seifert plays the suspect with intrigue and emotional complexity; as a player there were moments when I felt intrusive searching for terms like “sex” and “argument.” And then, when I’d run into a dead end, my search yielding no new video clips, I felt guilty testing search terms, clinically typing in slight variations on verb tenses, as if I was being flippant or hadn’t listened well enough to the subject’s story. However, during this portion of the game, the “character” I was playing was still myself. Though I was interior to the narrative, having been granted access to this database in a fictional world as “AUTH_GUEST,” I was searching without any perceived relationship to the characters in the murder mystery.

Once the player views a certain percentage of the database, a new icon pops up on the desktop, a chat window. Clicking on it brings up an instant message. The player must tell the person on the other end of the chat whether they’re finished viewing. I opened it a few times, unsure if I had really seen all I needed to see and fairly certain typing “yes” into the chat window would finish the narrative; you can only type “yes” or “no,” and “no” takes you back to the search window. Finally, having viewed most of the videos and with a good idea in mind as to what I thought happened, I elected to end the game.

“Do you understand why your mother did what she did?” the chat window inquired.

Suddenly, I was implicated in the story. I thought I understood the plot, or I wouldn’t have gotten that far, but I made that choice before I was internal to the story’s discourse. This interview subject, once an unrelated fascination, was my mother who killed my father. Her Story’s interactivity, the use of search terms to uncover snippets about the subject’s life, her habits, and her personality, is a meaningful interaction even if the player never decides to end the game. It brings up myriad questions about identity, including: what can we learn about someone by Googling them? Is this collection of search results truly, as the title claims, her story? It can’t be, because there are questions I still have about Hannah, and there are conflicting fan theories as to the “real” story.

With the words “you” and “your,” I became part of the narrative. I was a daughter looking for any means by which to understand my mother. Having gotten to the “end” of the story, every action I had already taken became more meaningful, because the user of the involuntary performative ensured I had a relationship to the other characters. I typed “yes” into the chat window—yes, I understood why my mother did what she did, but I more importantly understood why I would care about decades-old interrogation footage. I realized the “her” referred to in the title of Her Story might not be Hannah at all. Rather, she is “you,” Hannah’s daughter.

Image credit: All images are taken from the Her Story official website,

Meeting 10.25.16

Amazing Snackmaster: Amy!

Note taker: None! Emily is typing these from her (dubious) memory.

Attendance: Amanda, Sara, Mark, Peter, Mike, Mel, Anne, Anastasia, Amy, Kevin, Emily, Rudy (did I miss anyone?)

Discussion topics:

  • Rudy’s news (no, he’s not pregnant)
    • (If you don’t know, he’s interim director of SVAD)
    • He *loves* his new office in VAB.
  • SEGAH (Serious Games in Health) Conference
    • It’s in Perth in April!
    • Submission deadline is October 30. Rudy says he’ll pay for your flight if you can get it submitted by the deadline. (Is he serious? Not sure. But it’s worth a try!)
  • Electronic Lit conference in Portugal
  • Game Camp
    • We may have overwhelmed Laine of Tech Sassy Girlz with our enthusiastic large group interested in helping with the camp.
    • We narrowed “main” instructors down to Anastasia & Anne—they will be at the camp all day for the whole week, with the rest of GRG pitching in as TAs, curriculum design, research, etc.

Serious and ongoing discussion:

  • Rudy suggested the group choose a “Director”
  • This would be a rotating position, ideally rotating among group members about to go up for tenure
  • It would be a nice addition to tenure packets
  • There was some disagreement over semantics- initially the title was suggested as Lab Director or Director of the Games Research Lab.
    • Group members were concerned that the wording made it sound like the Director would receive credit for all of the research that is (about to be) happening in the lab.
    • Suggestion was made to word the title “Director of the Games Research Group” rather than lab. That seemed more agreeable to everyone.
    • We’d like everyone to chime in on this
  • Looks like Anastasia may be the next going up for tenure, so it was presumed she’d be the first one, but again, that’s up for discussion
  • We’d need to allow for Co-Directors in the case of more than one person entering the tenure process
  • We would need to decide on a selection process to ensure a peaceful transition of power

Things to ponder:

  • Do we want to do this?
  • How should the title be worded?
  • What would the Director’s responsibilities be (if any)?
  • How should we decide who gets to be Director?

 Next meeting is informal and is at Azteca on Friday, Nov. 4 after the Faculty meeting (12:30ish).  Azteca D’ Oro – 11633 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 32817

Meeting 09.27.16

Playful Minutes for GRG Meeting 9.27.16

  • Attendance: Peter, Emily, Amy, Mark, Sara, Anne, Rudy, Donnie, Mike, Matt
  • Matt is listed last on purpose.
  • Awesome note taker: Emily
  • Extra awesome default snack master: Emily


  • Peter presented his amazing solo project: Games for kids to learn how to use their prosthetics from Limbetless.
  • Just kidding, Matt is also a Very Important Part of the Team.
  • But not Ryan, because he wasn’t there.
  • But seriously, Matt, Peter, AND Ryan all worked together on these amazing games. Matt and Peter discussed other awesome ideas for taking the games to the next level (pun intended).
  • Also Matt, Peter, Ryan, and Emily ARE HOPING FOR FUNDING FROM CAH’S PLANT GRANT to make these games more awesome, testing with PT folks in College of Medicine, crafting a cool-looking sleeve for the arm sensor, etc.

In other news…

  • We’re looking for volunteers to help plan (and then later teach and help out at) a summer games camp. We’re partnering with Stella Sung at CREATE and possibly another local group to create a week-long camp for this summer to teach game design to high school students from traditionally underserved populations. You’re invited to our next meeting downtown at the Center for Emerging Media (500 Bentley Street) CREATE conference room on the 2nd
  • Amy, Donnie, and Emily are writing a PLANT grant to make an endless runner language learning game. Working with Modern Languages professors Sandra Sousa and Gergana Vitanova and it’s really exciting!
  • Amy and Emily are also working on grants to fund some awesome videos for Ken Hanson to use in his History courses (shout out:
  • Peter didn’t have to give a research update because he presented.
  • Matt, Peter, Ryan, and Emily are also working on funding another awesome 3D printer application.
  • And Matt and Peter have Computer Science groups from Mike’s class. They bought them wooden toy blocks at Toys R Us.
  • Mark is prepping for comps – next Thursday! Buy him a drink if you see him after that.
  • Sara took comps yesterday. We all marveled at her meeting attendance and sobriety. We then immediately questioned her sobriety. She also recently had a paper accepted to PCA and is going to Texas on Sunday for a conference.
  • Anne has had 4 quilts accepted to big fancy exhibits! She’s done some academic stuff too, we assume. Actually it was a lot of stuff and Emily forgot to write it down. Book proposal, grant proposal – all about making and crafting as computational logic. Quilts!
  • Joey and Rudy had an article accepted about badges. Rudy generously took all credit since Joey was not in attendance.
  • Joey possibly was not in attendance because Emily’s email about the meeting said “tomorrow” and was received by many in the early hours of this morning (though to be fair, she *totally* sent it at 2:30 PM yesterday).
  • Mike has been super busy at work. And he’s working on some projects but Emily forgot to write those down, too. Nobody told her she’d be in charge of the notes until after the meeting.
  • Anastasia was totally going to join the meeting via Hangout, but Emily didn’t bother to send a link. She probably just wanted to brag about all of the productive writing she’s been doing in lieu of attending meetings, anyway.
  • Everyone else who didn’t complete the Doodle poll also complained electronically about not being able to make the meeting time. Not to worry, there will be more meetings to skip in the future. J
  • Peter doesn’t like Tuesdays.
  • NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, ~1:30pm at Pom Pom’s.
    • Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria:
    • 67 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803
    • Immediately after the 11:30am Games Summer Camp meeting with CREATE at the Center for Emerging Media.
    • No Google Hangout. Come eat!

Meeting 09.16.16

Games Research Group “Playful” Meeting Notes

16 September 2016

Attendees: Peter Smith, Mark Kretszschmar, Maria Harrington, Sara Raffel, Rudy McDaniel, Anne Sullivan, Don Merritt, Mel Stanfill, Michael Powell, Amy Giroux, Joey Fanfarelli
Featuring: Notetaker Rudy McDaniel, Snackmaster Sadly Vacant

  1. Next Generation Ideas
    1. The group discussed possible formats for the research group meeting, GRG: NG. Mark agreed to shave his head and start practicing his Picard impersonation.
    2. Reinstate the presentation aspect: First idea: Trillium Trail?
    3. Maria: journal articles for review, create asynchronous discussions using Canvas
      • Gamification: Step 1: survey key papers. Step 2: Web course to upload documents. Step 3: profit!
      • Digital library. Crowdsource the searching, archive, and review. Sell advertisements for “margarita fund.”
      • Joey suggested Mendeley. Free software. Anne suggested Zotero. Can Zotero be private? The ongoing clash between Medelians and Zoterians continues. Joey and Anne agreed to meet outside after the meeting and “settle it up.”
      • Maria suggested a model for crowdsourcing literature review and evaluation. Each person chooses a paper and then reviews it and reports back to the group. We can use a Canvas shell to do some of this work in Webcourses. We can use turtle shells to defeat Koopas.
    4. Emily demanded additional social hours. She misses Kelly and is slowly going insane working alone in the lab. The group expressed sympathy. Who will the new Kelly be? Stay tuned to find out!
    5. Action item: everyone should send Rudy their NIDs if they wish to participate. He will set up a Webcourses shell for everyone and send around a task to annotate an article for the group to review. He will also begin his campaign of hacking into all your lives and ordering unsolicited haircare products that will be shipped to your homes while you’re at work.
  1. VR Cultural Trainer Update
    1. Emily, Mike, and Rudy discussed the cultural trainer VR project. We have a senior design student group from CS to help us build a demo, thanks to Mike. Mike was visibly uncomfortable with the praise heaped upon him for securing us a student group. We need artists for the project. Rudy has access to matching funds we can use to pay students if we need to and ORC also has some “first come, first served” funding.
  2. Hillsborough Shore
    1. Emily and Peter reported that the contract with Hillsborough County to build a mosquito education game looks imminent. Will be our first funded project! Need some volunteers to contract the Zika virus for additional research data.
  3. Summer Games Camp Update
    1. Rudy reported that we need our next “big project” for the GRG. We did IEEE SeGAH last year.  Rudy, Anastasia, Emily, Peter, and Stephanie have been working with Stella Sung to discuss ideas for a downtown summer camp focused on women and minorities.  Stella has agreed to coordinate the camp from downtown.
    2. Next steps: we need a curriculum. It needs to be YUGE. But be doable in a week.
    3. Ideas to look for: ID Tech – Carnegie Melon, camp curriculum, Black Girls Code
    4. Action item: send Rudy an email if you are interested in participating in the downtown summer games camp.
  4. Trickery: The group successfully tricked Amy Giroux into giving us a full presentation of her recent award-winning research.
  5. Updates and Reports
    1. Joey and Rudy submitted their badging book proposal
    2. Amy, Marcy Galbreath, and Nathan Giroux won an award from the NEH
    3. Peter Smith: LIMBITLESS kids loved the games! Peter ordered to demo at next meeting.
    4. Business cards. Joey will produce a mockup sample of business cards with GRG information. Rudy will have a bake sale in order to allow everyone who wants them to have GRG business cards.
  6. Next meeting: Emily will send out a Doodle poll to identify a time for our next meeting. She loves doing this *so much*. Peter will present some games to us. Doodle Poll Link