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BeadED Adventures

BeadED Adventures:
A STEM-ed game with tangible learning artifacts

BeadED Adventures introduces the tangible aspect of tabletop games into a video game. BeadED Adventures is an interactive narrative where players solve STEM-based puzzles and make choices affecting the narrative plot by creating a tangible learning artifact: a string of beads that can be worn as a bracelet or used as a keychain, bookmark, etc.

Drawing inspiration from Loominary (Sullivan et al., 2018), BeadED Adventures treats STEM subjects in a way intended to be appealing to underrepresented youth who may be uninterested in these fields due to the way they are traditionally presented and represented in American culture. Following constructivist philosophies of learning and emphasizing player autonomy, the design of BeadED Adventures followed four main goals: to be engaging, to generate tangible learning artifacts, to encourage creativity, and to foster autonomy. Future studies are planned to investigate the impact of this learning artifact as a comprehension and recall tool for the STEM concepts embedded within the game.

You can check out the proof-of-concept Twine here. Rather than using the bead apparatus (below), you can click on the links in the story or use the number keys on your computer’s keyboard as follows:  magenta- 1; bronze- 2; gold- 3; green- 4; purple- 5; silver- 6.

Current version

Functionality of current version

BeadED Adventures 1.0


Johnson, E.K. and Sullivan, A. (2018). BeadED Adventures: Using Tangible Game Artifacts to Assist STEM Learning. Presented by E.K. Johnson at International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play, East Lansing, Michigan, October 12, 2018.

Johnson, E.K. and Sullivan, A. (2018). BeadED Adventures: An Origin Story. Games and Interactive Media Research Group Meeting, UCF. August 10, 2018.

Emily K. Johnson  |  Anne Sullivan

ELLE the EndLess LEarner

ELLE, The EndLess LEarner: An interdisciplinary digital humanities collaboration

This endless-runner-style language learning game sprung up from a Games Research Group meeting where we watched a demo of the endless-runner in Unreal. After our research team received the honor of first runner-up for an internal grant (and $0 in funding), we pitched the idea to a Computer Science Capstone course and got a top-notch group of students to make it a reality.

In fact, the project won Best Computer Science Project at the College of Engineering and Computer Science’s Fall 2017 Senior Design Showcase!

Capstone project “sponsor” team:

Computer Science capstone teams

ELLE 1.0:

  • Georg Anemogiannis (BS Computer Science, 2017)
  • Eric Butt (BS Computer Science, 2017)
  • Tyler Chauhan (BS Computer Science, 2017)
  • Megan Chipman (BS Computer Science, 2017)


  • Christopher Ward (BA, Digital Media-Game Design Track, 2017)

ELLE 2.0:

  • Mark Behler
  • Phillio Da Silva
  • Ian Holdeman
  • Santiago Perez Arrubla

ELLE Mobile:

  • Christian Acosta – Database Developer
  • Kyle Hendricks – Android Developer
  • James Jachcinski – iOS Developer
  • Mustapha Moore – Website Developer
  • Dominic Rama – Android Developer

Research Support: 

UCF QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) grant to improve game aesthetics, include professionalization module, and implement game into Spring 2019 Portuguese language courses.


iLRN 2018

Johnson, E., Giroux, A. L., and Merritt, D. ELLE the EndLess LEarner:
A Second Language Acquisition Virtual Reality Game. Demonstration. (2018). Proceedings from Immersive Learning Research Network Conference, Missoula, Montana, June 24-29, 2018. Graz University of Technology (Austria).

DH 2017

Merritt, D. F., Johnson, E. K., Giroux, A. L. (2017). ELLE the EndLess LEarner: Exploring Second Language Acquisition Through an Endless Runner-style Video Game. Paper presented by A. Giroux at Digital Humanities 2017 in Montreal, Canada, August 9, 2017.


Giroux, A.L., Johnson, E.K., Merritt, D., Vitanova, G., Sousa, S. ELLE, The EndLess LEarner Videogame: An interdisciplinary digital humanities collaboration. Presented by all authors at Humanities Arts Science Technology Alliance Consortium (HASTAC), Orlando, Florida, November 2-4, 2017.

Anemogiannis, G., Butt, E., Chauhan, T., & Chipman, M. ELLE, The EndLess LEarner Videogame: Language Acquisition Through Interactive Technology. Demonstration at Humanities Arts Science Technology Alliance Consortium (HASTAC), Orlando, Florida, November 2-4, 2017.

College of Engineering and Computer Science Fall 2017 Senior Design Showcase

Anemogiannis, G., Butt, E., Chauhan, T., & Chipman, M. ELLE (EndLess LEarner): Learn a Second Language with Virtual Reality Video Game. Presented at UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science Fall 2017 Senior Design Showcase November 30, 2017. *Awarded Best Computer Science Project


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