Haunted (Review)

Author: Dr. Natalie Underberg-Goode

haunted-pcHaunted is an adventure game about a young woman named Mary who is searching for her missing sister.  Along the way, she travels through the UK, traveling on trains and across mysterious landscapes.  The beginning, during which you learn of the sister’s disappearance, sets the tone for the rest of the game, which alternates between spooky and kooky.  The best part of the game, for me, were the extraordinary companions (in this case, ghosts) the heroine meets along the way.  It was fun to learn about, and then use, the special abilities (with accompanying restrictions) of each ghost. For example, the ghost of Scottish hero William Wallace has extraordinary strength, but can only touch something if it has first been touched by death.  As with most adventure games, the game is story-heavy and based on a “hunt the hot spot” mechanic.  If you like story-based games in which you understand you may need to sweep the environment to find something on which to click (I do), and you enjoy mysteries and fun supernatural characters who each have their own distinct personalities and backstories, you just might enjoy playing Haunted.