News and Updates - Spring 2014

Stephanie recently presented her work at the 17th Annual Association of Teachers of Technical Writing Conference in Indianapolis, IN on March 19, 2014. Her poster session (co-authored with Dr. Jennifer deWinter), “The Surveillance of Play in Social Networking Games,” addressed government surveillance, corporate data mining, and user telemetry in social games such as Candy Crush¬†and World of Warcraft.

Stephanie was an invited speaker at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA on March 28, 2014. She presented to students and faculty in the Professional Writing Program on “Paying Attention to Privacy Policies in Social Media,” which argued that the ability to read privacy policies and terms of service documents in social media technologies is a new form of 21st century literacy. The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center hosted her talk for the faculty at large, titled “Turn it Down, Don’t Turnitin: An Argument Against Plagiarism Detection Technologies,” which analyzed the plagiarism detection service through its metaphorical positioning that rely on fear and greenwashing tactics.