Meeting 01.29.18

Games Research Group Meeting Minutes for January 29, 2018

Anastasia called the meeting to order at exactly 11:00am. Nobody joined Emily’s hangout.



  • National Cemetery Association – drum surveys in St. Augustine
  • IR scan to make it a 3D model, prototype done in Unity – 37 grave section
  • IR scan was awesome, wants them to do the rest of the cemetery
  • Recap360 – free through Autudesk. Free license if you’re an educator
  • Looking for grants for stuff
  • Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson’s Commonplace books – tracking different versions
  • NEH grant on this one
  • Plan: keep on keepin’ on


  • Working on DiGRA submission
  • Writing about the Listeners, art piece but selling it as a game, ludic interaction
  • Got feedback from Eric
  • Send draft to Anastasia


  • Working on dissertation
  • UCF formatting guidelines
  • History workshop with Connie Lester
  • Job search – skype interviews


  • DiGRA submission is in
  • Edited collection Pokemon Go paper
  • Format review back
  • Revisions worked into dissertation
  • Defense scheduled (Feb 26th, 2p)
  • Job search – applying to open til filled positions
  • Anastasia – suggests to keep an eye open for emergency hires


  • Had the flu
  • Working on the CPE
  • Mend with WPI
  • Sloan grant with Natalie and Emily
  • Re-doing lectures
  • Submitted a panel to ELO
  • Submitted a art piece to ELO


  • Pitched 3 new projects to the CS students
  • Trying to get server space for two current CS groups
  • Submitting to I/ITSEC
  • IRB paperwork has been updated
  • 2 grants – SLOAN (waiting to hear back from Osceola Arts)
  • Super Jam grant – re-submitting, but waiting to hear back from the foundation on a question
  • Trying for the QEP grant for ELLE the EndLess LEarner game
  • 2 job applications out


  • Article about Twitter accepted
  • Got the article submitted with Mark
  • CPE-ing
  • Re-doing lectures
  • Submitting to the fan studies network
  • Submitting to association of internet researchers
  • Edited first half of the book!!


  • Waiting to hear back two journal articles
  • Revise & resubmit for another journal – due middle of next month
  • Working on a book chapter on games & dementia
  • Working on a book with Rudy
  • Meaningful Play – Michigan, May 28th papers due


  • Heard back from a journal that wanted revisions right away
  • Submitting to DiGRA
  • Submitted two things to ELO
  • On review board to ELO
    • 250 submissions
    • 66 art installation pieces
    • 150 papers
    • Rest are performances and workshops
  • Book going to review board
  • Working on an AIR paper
  • CHI Play deadline heads up
  • FDG is coming up
  • NEH Summer institute coming up – Feb 1st application


  • Work
  • Classes

Next meeting:

  • Sara will be doing a practice talk

Next next meeting after that:

  • Eric will be doing a practice defense

Examples of Dissertation Defense Presentations: