Meeting 04.04.18

Games Research Group Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2018


  • Eric: finishing dissertation, piece with Laura has been accepted (Twine game and reflective essays), got feedback from Pokemon Go collection and is doing revisions, planning to send chapters of dissertation out to journals
  • Amanda: has recently restructured dissertation, filling in/rewriting chapters, has offers from St Mary’s in San Antonio, Dakota State near Sioux Falls, presenting at a conference on Friday in St. Pete
  • Sara: accepted an offer in English as a VAP, finishing dissertation revisions this week, started an article with Mark for Games and Culture on mods in Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Mel: book going into production (woo!) working on revise and resubmit of article with Mark, organized a roundtable on fans of color + femslash for TWC special issue, invited to be part of a roundtable on toxic fandom. Henry Jenkins “state of fan studies” piece coming out soon (was supposed to be 26th but who knows?) also writing a book w/ Anastasia (somewhat)
  • Amy: was in DC two weeks ago to present digitization of St. Augustine National Cemetery to the VA Deputy Undersecretary, it went well; then the Undersecretary was coming to Florida anyway and showed him in live with the AR/tombstone trigger, it worked, he was thrilled and are going to get the PR people to write it up; article to demonstrate that existing “unknown” soldiers can be matched to historical wooden markers in an old photo, has found 43 so far who are there but not names on tombstones
  • Brenda: Assistant Prof in English, teaches creative writing/screenwriting, does/publishes creative writing, sent out book proposal, creative writing craft book, working on worldbuilding teaching project, teaching a fantasy writing and worldbuilding class in Fall, will be looking for partners to help create multimedia works to go with the world students build (like AR dragons in student union)
  • Anastasia: Kairos came back on comics as scholarship revisions by 12th, adventure game book proposal with Murray and Reed has been accepted, paper on comparing Github open source collaborative labor to fandom, special issue proposal based on deepfakes, paper in queerbaiting collection with Blodgett on Adventure Time, revisions sent on edited collection on death of Charlie and fangirls in Supernatural

Reminder: Moulthrop coming to GRG 4/16 3pm 107 VAB as part of T&T visit, be there if you can!


  • Summer meetings? Yes
  • Summer writing challenge? Yes
  • Book proposal workshop for beginning of summer? Yes
  • Name change: Games and Interactive Media Research Group?
  • Going forward, ideas?