Meeting 10.30.17

Games Research Group Meeting Minutes

October 30th, 2017: 1:00 PM

Attendees: Joey, Amanda, Sara, Emily, Mel, and Anastasia. Taylor tried to attend virtually but was denied access to a Google Hangout link. Sorry, Taylor.

Note: We are all doing better than Anastasia today.


  • Joey- halfway done with Dementia & games chapter, needs do something with the book. Which book…did not get recorded by the minute-taker.
  • Amanda- submitted 3 conference proposals! Finished first draft of 2nd chapter of dissertation, working on JOB APPS! Fingers crossed.
  • Sara- ½ of ch 3 drafted, hoping to finish, but HASTAC. Accepted to National Council of Public Historians for History Harvest workshop, JOB APPS. Good luck!
  • Emily- 2 grants due this week, HASTAC. So much HASTAC.  ***Officially Golf Cart Certified!!!***
  • Mel- submitted book proposal with Anastasia yesterday. Giving 4 talks in the next 2 weeks. And lots of grading.
  • Anastasia- book proposal 2 of 3 in! One to go. Enjoying the perks of administration and radio buttons. Day long workshop at Anthroconn coming up. Insert gif here.

The rest of the meeting was spent workshopping job application materials. Examples from hired professional academians are still up and available.

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